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♥ Wednesday, February 18, 2009♥

the long anticipated event ended with such a horrible drama.
its been 2 days,and i'm still in the shocking state.
the hatred and grudges are way too much for us to handle it.
but all these have taught me a lot.

and most importantly, it made me realised that all these while i have the greatest dad ever.=)


♥ Saturday, February 07, 2009♥

super angry.
too much angst in me now.

'every time group project,mesti kau nak prangai.
bodoh nye pompan.'

p/s: results next wk.dammit.


♥ Sunday, February 01, 2009♥

happy 20th love!


♥ Thursday, January 08, 2009♥

my super busy schedule has turned me into a very very boring person.
i miss the cousins outing.
i miss the lepak moments with the gangs.
i miss the keco-ness with maarifian.
i miss the 'mr bangbang' jokes and the laughters with the DUO.
i miss the waktongs.

and ya the quality time spent with boyfriend is getting shorter and shorter.=(
and this blog is getting more and more dustier and mundane.
and school assignments are getting more and more complicated.
4 more modules to go.2 more terms to go through.


♥ Saturday, December 20, 2008♥

finally after few months of not meeting up!
3hrs full of laughters,stories etc.
sungguh syiok!

i miss boify!
asyik pergi KL aje..lol


♥ Saturday, November 29, 2008♥

good pay. CHECKED
working in an international company.CHECKED
permanent position.CHECKED
promotion.still in progress

and yeah i'm surely gonna flunk my financial accounting.
i hate the subject so much that i just cant stop cursing the person who came up with the theories all.pfft.


♥ Friday, November 14, 2008♥

10 more days to exams and it's driving me nuts.
even starting to have nightmares about it.
isit a bad omen or just an indication that i've not revised fully for it.
dammit .
i tot getting an A n B for the previous paper were a good start.
but nah.it's like adding on more pressure.
seriously i never experienced such things throughout my life.
even during those alvl days
maybe dats the reasons for my horrendous results.HAHA!
i'm more worried for my financial accounting.
whats more with the poor grade we got for the project.

seriously i'm starting to hate LJS.
firstly,they keep on increasing the price.
secondly,the the size of the chicken is getting smaller and smaller.
3rdly, ni seriousnya poor customer service. someone once said i never work in F&B section before so i never understand.pls eh. i'm in customer service line also and as far as i'm concern once you're in this line,you're a service provider and of course it has to be good. be it F&B,insurance line or whatsoever uh.that's the basic rule.
and lastly,since when i have to pay 20cent for a packet of tartar sauce??!totally absurd siak.